XB8870D is the innovative controller for the optimized management of blast chillers. Designed to better manage blast chilling, freezing and food storing, it is characterized by its configurability and easiness of use of the chilling cycles. The highly customizable user interface and the high performances are just some of the features that allow the controller to fully satisfy even the most demanding customers. The strong points of this device are the relays with higher capacity suited to directly drive the loads and the connections with screw disconnectable connectors.

The controller is available in 10 DIN Rail size, and, thanks to Visotouch graphic display, it allows the user to instantly obtain complete information on the status of the machine (room temperature, product temperature, remaining cycle time, etc.).

Chill and Freeze cycles
Chill : when it is necessary to reduce the temperature with immediate impact, below 10°C (from 35°C to 65°C is the critical temperature zone for the higher bacterial proliferation).
Freeze : normally preceded by a CHILL cycle, it is used to freeze food in a faster way in order to preserve its organoleptic properties and to avoid icing inside of it.


The cycles can be set according to TIME or TEMPERATURE. If the cycle is set by time, its duration will be the selected time (the food temperature is not considered); if the cycle is set by temperature, it will finish once the product (through the needle probe) will reach the selected temperature. In both cases the temperature of the room is controlled by the room probe, which is also used for the compressor control. Cycles can be SOFT or HARD.​

SOFT CHILL cycles : the blast chiller works with a room temperature that usually is positive.
HARD CHILL cycles : the blast chiller works with different room temperatures; usually the first one is negative while the second one is positive.
SOFT FREEZE cycle : the blast chiller works at different room temperatures. Usually the first is positive (around 0° C), while the second is negative (usually around -35°C)
HARD FREEZE cycle : the chiller works at a room temperature that is usually around -35 °C.

Housing Self extinguishing ABS, white, 10DIN, 175x110x59.5mm (WxHxD)
Format DIN Rail
Mounting Screw disconnectable connectors
Power supply 24Vac
Power absorption 20VA (for applications with unipolar electronic valve: 40VA)
Analog Inputs 5 x NTC, PTC, PT1000
2 x NTC, PTC, PT1000, 4-20mA, 0-10V
Digital Inputs 6 x free contact
Digital Outputs 4x 16(8)A, 1x 16A In-Rush (for led lights), 3x 8(5)A
Analog Outputs 1x 0-10V, 4-20mA or PWM
2x 0-10V or 4-20mA
Other RS485 Slave
ETHERNET (by converter USB-ETH-CONV)
Connection for remote Touch keyboard
Internal Clock
VISOTOUCH: For Blast Chiller Application​
Dixell expands its range of products dedicated to blast chillers by introducing a new application designed to manage blast chilling, freezing and food preservation.

• Touch user interface
• 6 languages
• High level of customization
• 8 standard cycles (chill-freeze,soft/hard by temperature or time)
• 12 customizable cycles
• Fish sanitization cycle
• Needle probe heating management
• UV lamp management
• HACCP and ALARM datalogger

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10 Din Rail