• Innovative digital controllers dedicated to heat and NT and LT refrigeration
• Easy and intuitive programming mode
• On/off key
• Energy saving cycles through digital input
• Fast freezing with dedicated set point
• Outputs restart with door open alarm
• Temperature Max and Min functions
• Configurable digital input also as probe
• Virtual probe management
• Cycles for milk cooling and storage systems
• Functions for refrigerated air dryers in automation processes
• Condenser temperature management to prevent critical plant situations
• Hot Key or Prog Tool Kit connector for quick and easy programming
• Serial connection to monitoring systems (direct for XR35/75/77CX or via XJ485CX)
• Connection for X-REP remote display (alternative to TTL output)
• 3VA max power absorption
• Display with red LED (10.5mm high) and icons

XR20CX Digital controller for NT with "off cycle" defrost
XR60CX Digital controller for NT and LT ventilated applications with dual humidity function 

Display: n° digits ± 3 d.p. ± 3 d.p.
Power supply 8-40Vdc 8-40Vdc 
Probe inputs 
Thermostat  NTC, PTC   NTC, PTC
Defrost    NTC, PTC
Condenser NTC, PTC (on HOT KEY)   NTC, PTC (on HOT KEY) 
 Digital inputs 
Alarm, start defrost, door switch, pressure switch,
energy saving, ON/OFF, probe
config config
Alarm, start defrost, door switch, pressure switch, 
energy saving, ON/OFF
Relay outputs 
Compressor 8A, 20A  8A, 20A 
Defrost   8A
Fans   5A
Hot Key / Programming Tool Kit present present
Remote display output X-REP optional   present
Serial output TTL TTL
Buzzer optional   optional
Real Time Clock    

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Prime CX Series

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CX : 32x74 mm