General Applications  
Dixell introduces a revolutionary family of programmable controllers dedicated both to HVAC units and to general purposes and refrigeration. It is suited for all applications in the PLC world and they find applications in many shopping centers, hospitals, airports, boat yards, energy management plants, and so on… It is characterized by the most advanced technology in connectivity and processing speed.

It is based on a powerful platform that includes one hardware configuration that is able to expand the actual solution in the market and a software that, thanks to the ISaGRAF® development environment, allows the development through standard programming languages.

Programmable Solutions
iProGenius is the Dixell family of programmable controllers that offers optimal solutions for all HVAC/R needs. They are suited for all applications in the PLC world including shopping centers, hospitals, airports, boatyards, energy management plants, and more.   

Electronic Valves
Dixell solution for stepper electronic expansion valves management. XEV20D (combined with iPro controllers).