Research, great experience, regulation and design innovation: these are the elements that allow Dixell to offer systems (XWEB family) that are in the forefront of all commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, air conditioning and catering fields. In particular, Dixell systems are designed to satisfy all quality, user friendliness and efficiency requirements for every kind of application.

Dixell, with its systems, integrates and coordinates all components of system regulation in order to optimize the efficiency and to increase energy savings. In addition to the typical functions of a monitoring system, the XWEB family guarantees the temperature recording according to HACCP regulations and the transmission and management of regulation and plant alarms.

Together with systems, Dixell provides a series of relay and acquisition modules and the useful iCOOLL wireless solution.

XWEB300D : Alarm Management And Controlling
XWEB300D is extremely well suited for 6 or 18 device installations such as petrol stations, mini-market, small storage centres   

XWEB500 EVO & XWEB500D EVO : Controlling And Monitoring
For HVAC/R (ideal for residential/industrial conditioning and refrigeration applications). Wall mounting (503 box dim. compatible), DEW-POINT and RS485

XWEB3000 EVO : Controlling And Monitoring
XWEB3000 EVO is designed for larger installations with up to 494 devices such as supermarkets, hypermarkets or large storage and distribution centers as well as production and storage goods processing such as fast-food, restaurants and catering applications.

XWEB5000 EVO : Controlling And Supervising
XWEB5000 EVO is provided with a powerful supervisor engine suited for larger installations (with up to 494 devices) in the refrigeration, conditioning and building automation field, where it is necessary to program several different interactive actions that the controller has to perform.

Wirless Solutions
iCOOLL radio communication system with built-in antenna for controlling and supervising units

Relay And Acquisition Modules
Probes and alarms data acquisition modules, without display, able to read up to 9 different inputs