They are the ideal solution for medium installations up to 20, 36, 50 or 100 devices, such as petrol stations, supermarkets or storage centers. Their innovative and useful features make the instrument suitable for medium-large applications such as production and storage goods centers. Thanks to the two available formats, they can be installed whether on DIN Rail or wall or panel mounting, but can also be used as desk instrument. Connection from PC is made simply using standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Firefox®); the information is displayed as web pages.

• 10DIN Rail module directly inside the machine board or wall mounting with brackets (XWEB500D EVO)
• Up to 1 year temperature recording
• Optimized controller values visualization via “Single View” and “Overview” functions
• Stand alone usage thanks to the back lit LCD local display and keyboard (XWEB500 EVO)
• Possibility to modify the parameters of the connected devices remotely
• Customizable web user interface (layout)
• Performance meter for cooling demand control
• Automatic data export to USB pendrive
• Easy plant management by means of the “Scheduler” to send commands according to a custom calendar
• Alarm notifi cation via FAX, SMS or e-mail
• HACCP report print-out in pdf format
• CRO for compressor rack optimization

Power supply 110, 230Vac ± 10% 24Vac or 110, 230Vac ± 10%
Comunication protocol  MODBUS-RTU MODBUS-RTU
Sockets 1 LAN output, 1 USB Type A 1 LAN output, 1 USB Type A
ModBUS-RTU device connection 1 RS232 port  for external modem, 1 RS485 1 RS232 port  for external modem, 1 RS485
Relay RS485 x 2, System x 1 RS485 x 2, System x 1
Sampling time 1 x configurable 1 x configurable
Internal modem From 1 to 60 minutes From 1 to 60 minutes
UL approved    version without modem 24V
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XWEB Series

Manual Download
XWEB300D EVO v.1.0 Installation      
XWEB300D EVO v.3.0 Operative

Dimension & Cut out Download
10 DIN (DIN RAIL) - Wall or Din rail mounting