iProGENIUS is the Dixell family of programmable controllers that offers optimal solutions for all HVAC/R needs. They are suited for all applications in the PLC world including shopping centers, hospitals, airports, boatyards, energy management plants, and more. These controllers provide a high level of technology for ease of external connectivity and programmability providing simple answers for the user’s needs, while offering local or remote monitoring control (accomplished with the powerful iProLINK connectivity module). An intuitive and useful HMI is also offered through the VISOGRAPH graphic display and the touch screen TGIPG display, while the expandability provided by the IPX modules allows use of these controllers with the most complex machinery.

• Powerful platform based on LINUX operative system on ARM9 (200MHz/32bit) microprocessor
• Internal Web Server with standard or customized Web Site
• Ethernet for connection to an intranet-internet network and to other controllers for a distributed application management
• USB output that allows the download of parameters, data/alarm logger and the applications and parameters upload
• Slave RS485 serial outputs for the connection to XWEB supervising and controlling systems or to applications developed by third party systems
• BACnet communications allows the system to have easy and immediate integration with different manufactures ensuring complete interoperability
• Connection to the driver for the management and control of electronic expansion valves

IPG108D Programmable controller in 4 DIN Rail format with disconnectable + screw connectors
IPG108E Programmable controller in 4 DIN Rail format with LED display and disconnectable + screw connectors
IPG115D Programmable controller in 10 DIN Rail format with disconnectable connectors

Display   Dual with icons  
Power supply 24Vac/dc from TF40D 24Vac/dc from TF40D 24Vac/dc from TF20D
Probe inputs 
0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, NTC, PTC, DI  6 x config 6 x config 10 x config
Digital inputs 
Optoinsulated  11 config 11 config 20 config
Relay outputs 
Configurable   8 x 5A 8 x 5A 12 x 5A + 3 x 8A
Other outputs
PWM        2 x config
0-10V/4-20mA 4 x config 4 x config  
0-10V     4
RS485 slave slave master + slave
USB present present present
External modem     GSM, analogue
LAN/RS485 master present present  
CANBus     present
Ethernet via USB-ETH-CONV via USB-ETH-CONV option
Remote keyboard 1 x VGIPG 1 x VGIPG 1 x VGIPG
Internal Modem     analogue option
Real time clock present present present
Flash memory 32MB 32MB 128MB
Connections disconnectable + screw disconnectable + screw disconnectable
Connection kit DWS30-kit, IP-FC108 DWS30-kit, IP-FC108 DWS30-kit
Expansion module IPX115D, IPX125D, IPX306D IPX115D, IPX125D, IPX306D IPX115D, IPX125D, IPX306D
BACnet protocol option option option

For models: IPG110D - IPG115D 
Power Supply : from controller 
Buzzer : optional 
LCD : 240x96 pixel 
Housing  :  self extinguishing ABS 
Front Protection : IP65 
Connections : disconnectable screw-terminal block ≤ 2.5mm
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