The controllers of iProCHILL family are the Dixell’s answer to the requirements of the HVAC world; they are suitable for all chillers, heat pump units up to 4 circuits and 16 compressors. These instruments are complete and easy to use; they are the correct solution for the majority of the chiller-machines, including the most complex units, and can manage systems such as: air/air, air/water, water/water, motor-condensing.
Thanks to a high degree of connectivity, they are indispensable for remote management of a plant’s “service” centers.

• Geothermal heat pump management with sanitary hot water production
• Instant and complete visualization of the unit values thanks to the VISOGRAPH graphic display and of the plant by means of the TGIPG touch display
• Powerful platform based on LINUX operative system on ARM9 microprocessor (200MHz/32bit)
• Ethernet for connection to an intranet-internet network
• USB output for configuration update
• Slave RS485 serial output for connection to XWEB supervising and controlling systems or to applications developed by third Party Systems
• BACnet communications allows the system to have easy and immediate integration with different manufactures ensuring complete interoperability
• Connection to the expansion modules in order to increase system capacity
• Connection to the drivers for electronic expansion valve management and control

IPC108D Controller in 4 DIN Rail format for up to 2 circuit and 6 compressor chiller and heat pumps
IPC108E Controller in 4 DIN Rail format with LED display for up to 2 circuit and 6 compressor chiller and heat pumps
IPC115D Controller in 10 DIN Rail format for up to 4 circuit and 16 compressors chiller and heat pumps

First display: n° digits   ± 4 d.p.  
Second display: n° digits   ± 4 d.p.  
Power supply 24Vac/dc from TF40D 24Vac/dc from TF40D 24Vac/dc from TF20D
Probe inputs 
0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, NTC, PTC, DI  6 config 6 config 10 config
Digital inputs 
Optoinsulated 11 config 11 config 20 config
Relay outputs 
Configurable 8x5A 8x5A 12x5A + 3x8A
10x5A + 5xSSR option
Other outputs
PWM for fan speed module      2 config
0-10V, 4-20mA for fan speed module 4 config 4 config  
0-10V for external relay     4
RS485  slave slave master + slave
USB present present present
External modem     GSM, analogue option
LAN/RS485 master present present  
CANBus     present
Ethernet via USB-ETH-CONV via USB-ETH-CONV option
Remote keyboard 1xVGIPC 1xVGIPC 2xVGIPC
Internal modem     analogue option
Real time clock present present present
Connection kit CF-KIT, CAB/CJ15, CAB/CJ30, CW15-KIT, CW25-KIT   CF-KIT, CAB/CJ15, CAB/CJ30, CW15-KIT, CW25-KIT

VICX: 100x64mm 

N° digits display: first: ± 4 d.p. second: ± 4 d.p. 
Power supply: from controller (max distance: 150m) 
Internal NTC probe: optional 
Buzzer: optional
Datasheet Download
iProCHILL Series 
iPro Series

Manual Download
IPC108D - IPC108E
iPro Family v.3.5 Installation

Dimension & Cut out Download
D : 10 Din Rail
D : 4 Din Rail