Thermal Expansion Valves
Designed for a wide range of air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump, and chiller applications.  

High-Low Pressure Control
Pressure Controls are designed for use on high and low pressure applications in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems. 

Electronic Expansion Valves & Controls
For air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial applications.

Solenoid Valves & Coils
Used for liquid, discharge, or suction gas refrigerant service.

Filter Driers and System Protectors
Various types of filter drier and hermetic moisture indicators to suit your every need;
Other complementary product offerings include accumulators and mufflers. 

Sight Glasses
Standard models include single port glasses for simple level checking and multiple port glasses for more complex systems

Oil Controls 
The High Efficiency Centrifugal Oil Separator is used in ultra-low temperature systems with long refrigerant lines or inherent oil return problems.