WWD : Water Warning Leak Detector 

• Early detection = Early warning
• Detection of water and moisture
• Mounting : Direct on floor (WWD have 2 sensing pins under the unit), On wall with external alarm band WST
• Power supply 12-30 Vac/dc
• Relay output 1 A at 24Vdc
• 1 second delay power on by alarm
• 4 seconds delay after alarm off

WDT : Water Detection Tape 
• Water Detection Tape WDT is made of texturiced stockinet-kni􀆩 ed polyester in which parallel uninsulated wires of soft annealed copper are woven
• Indicating the presence of moisture or water between the wires
• The Water Detection Tape WDT can be used with the Water Warning Detector WWD
• Water Detection Tape WDT available in standard lengths (rolls) of 25 and 50 meters, other lengths on request.
• Lengths of Water Detection Tape WDT can be connected by using connection sleeves and clamping tong