THS88 : High Pressure Dew Point Transmitter

● High accuracy and long-term stability
● Capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment
● Industry sensor with non- cond. Bearable pressrure : 16 bar
● Analogue output : 0-1V/0-5V/1-5V/0-10V/2-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA
● Standard MODBUS RTU protocol, RS-485 communication interface
● More size of connector for different environment to be easily installed
● High pressure, low humidity. Dew point measuring range : -100~+60 dp ℃
● Free programmable software which can adjust dew point range and provide more physical quantities, dew point, frostpoint, absolute humidity and so on to choose

THM86/87 :  Industrial Multifunction Dew Point Transmitter

● Industrial & multi-function : Duct/Remote type : Remote: 2-meter cable
● -80 to 80℃(temp.) ; -80 to 60 dp ℃(dew point) ; -8 to 0 fp ℃ (frostpoint temp.); 0 to 20mA/ 4 to 20mA/ 0 to 1VDC/
0 to 5VDC/ 0 to 10VDC
● With RS485 and MODBUS RTU communication interface that can play by program, data log, and analyze chart will be easy to monitoring. Physical parameters of outputs anfd range are programmable
● Physical parameters are such as temperature, dew point, frost point, absolute humidity(ppm/v or ppm/w)