Dixell (Asia) Co.,Ltd. is one of the local leaders in Thailand's Commercial Refrigeration, Freezing, and Cold Storage Market. The company was established in 1997 by a team of young, energetic, and innovative engineers. We supply the equipment and provide complete services throughout Thailand in a wide range of markets. 
Our position is the sole agent in Thailand for some of the well known brands of refrigeration and air-conditioning.


"Think about Refrigeration Think of Dixell Asia"


"To be a leader in refrigeration system in South East Asia."

• Providing Dixell digital controller and refrigeration equipment
• Comprise of marketing network which reach target customers
• Serve design and installation for refrigeration and air-conditioning system including suggestion of product selection to meet customer requirement
• Social responsibility by design energy saving system and use products that reduce pollution and energy saving

We commit to provide quality product and excellent service including conduct along with quality policy and improve continuously in order to meet customer satisfaction.