XB590L new blast chiller controller with customizable user interface for blast chilling and food freezing and conservation, respecting food safety standards. XB590L stands out thanks to the high level of customization of blast chilling cycles and of user interface.

​• Personalized cycles and interface
• Direct access to the Main Functions
• Easy to shift from Soft or Hard blast chilling and quick-freezing
• Automatic transition to the conservation phase
• Device does not require any particular setting
• Cycle can be launched with temperature or time control
• Eight keys quick and easy programming
• Display icons for instant understanding of the process status
• Easy to clean front surface and guarantees an IP65 protection

Housing Self extinguishing ABS
Format 185x38mm, depth 76mm with front polycarbonate
Mounting Back panel with n°2 screws Ø3x2mm (distance between holes of 165mm)
Front protection level IP65 (with polycarbonate)
Protection level IP20
Connections Screw terminal block for conductors ≤2.5mm2
Male faston 6.3mm
Power source 24, 110, 230Vac, 50-60Hz
Power absorption 7VA max
Analog inputs 5 probes NTC or PTC
Digital inputs  Door and configurable, voltage-free contacts
Relay outputs Compressor (SPST 20(8)A, 250Vac)
Defrost (SPST 8(3)A, 250Vac)
Fan (SPST 8(3)A, 250Vac)
Light (SPST 16(6)A, 250Vac)
Aux (SPST 8(3)A, 250Vac)
Alarm (SPST 16(6)A, 250vac)
Serial outputs (optional) RS232 for printer Dixell XB07PR
Other Connection for Hot Key 128K/Prog Tool Kit
Remote display output (optional)
Internal clock (RTC)
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XB590L: 38x185mm 
panel or wall mounting