• TX/RX modules (XJ200) for wireless network dedicated to data monitoring (the master module has to be connected to the XWEB, the slave modules are connected to the instruments through the ModBUS protocol)
• Self-configuring MESH system for the optimization of communication (the network is able to create and to use all possible “connections” between the master and the slave node)
• User-friendly and less installation time and costs
• Operating frequency: 868Mhz (922Mhz for US market – FCC approved)
• High range (450m no obstacles)
• Ability to connect up to 240 instruments to the same XJ200
• Ability to manage up to 20 HOP
• Ability to connect up to 40 XJ200 to the same net
• 1.5m wire (power supply/RS485) with functional bracket included (fig. 1)
• Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
• 0.25VA max power absorption
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