Dixell is able to supply a complete series of probes/transducers depending on the applications; these probes can satisfy every end user’s requirements.

The probes with NTC thermistor are designed for applications where high accuracy and short responce time is important. The probe passes several tests, this is why we guarantee a very hith reliability. The temperature range is -40 to 110°C (-40 to 230°F).

The probes with PTC thermistor are designed for both cooling and heating applications. The temperature range is -50 to 150°C (-58 to 302°F).

PT1000 probes are suitable for all applications where the temperature is between -50 to 120°C (-58 to 248°F) and it is important to maintain precision over long distances.

Product Probes
The product probes with NTC or PT1000 sensor allow to simulate and display the temperature of the goods and manage alarms according to the temperature near the product and not the air around it. Thanks to the magnets, these probes are particularly suitable for use on shelves.
PTC/NTC Insert
The insert probes with PTC or NTC sensor are suitable for applications where is important to know the core temperature of goods. They general are used together with cooking oven or blast chiller controllers.

The probes with thermoresistance are suitable when a high precision and a low response time is necessary. The operating range of the PT100 sensor is from -70 to 500°C (-94 to 932°F), the precision is according to standard IEC751.

TC Thermocouples
Thermcouple (TC) probes are suitable when a short response time and high shock resistance are necessary. The operating range of the TCJ sensor is from 0 to 600°C (32 to 1112°F) and the range of the TCK is from 0 to 1150°C (32 to 2102°F), the precision is according to standard IEC584-2.