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The instruments of the series HD45 and HD46 are transmitters, indicators and controllers, they measure and control, depending on the model, the following environmental parameters:
  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Ambient temperature (T)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) Dew point temperature (DP, calculated measurement)
  • They are suitable for monitoring the air quality in indoor environments.
  • Typical applications include checking air quality in all buildings occupied by people (schools, hospitals, auditoria, work places, canteens, etc.)..


Smart Touch Screen Thermostat  

 - universal heating, cooling, air conditioning or heat pump system with RS485 ModBUS

PID Temperature Controller
- used to control room temperature in industrial, commercial and residential environment via controlling electronic modulating valve or damper with 0-10Vdc or 4..20mA signal or floating control with RS485 ModBUS



Digital Thermostats

- Thermostat with LCD display
- On/Off control the fans, valves,dampers




Temperature and Humidity Sensors

General :
The HL-S Series Transmitters devices house both a temperature or/and a humidity sensor in a wall, duct-mount, Immersion-mount(No RH) or outside style. The humidity sensor is capable of measuring Relative Humidity(RH) over the entire range of 5 to 95%, and its all-Polymer construction provides improved resistance to chemical corrosion. 




VA03 Damper Actuator


  • Bi-directional magnetic clutch synchronous motor
  • Room overload protection function does not need limitator switch
  • Actuator stops automatically when running to the end
  • Adjustable mechanical limitator
  • 1- 2 auxiliary switches are selectable based on customer requirement

Details... ( 110.2 kb )

HL-SPD Series Pressure Switch

Pressure switch can be used to sense (differential) pressure
and flow of air in ducts and pipes.

Typical applications include:
Filter air-logged alarm.
Pipe air measurement.
Control the maximum air flow in variable air volume systems.
Burner air control

Details... (81 kb)

Commander SK
- General purpose AC drive
0.25kW - 132kW 

Unidrive SP 
0.37kW - 1.9MW

Affinity - HVAC/R Drive for building Automation
1.1kW - 132kW

Soft Starters
for 3 phase induction motors                                                             

7.5 to 800kW (18 to 1600A) 200V, 400V, 575V, 690V





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