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LEITENBERGER   hand pumps :

manual barrel pump for oil, brake fluid and other non-flammable and non
aggressive fluids.

Example of use " Service refrigeration compressor" :
The compressor oil is pumped out from the canister into the crankcase,
without letting air or humidity into the circuit of the refrigerator.
An evacuation of the refrigeration compressor is not necessary.

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Digital Vacuum Gauge 

Suitable for field or laboratory use, the VG64 delivers high precision at a low price.

VG64   Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Ultra fine resolution: 1 Micron when vacuum ≤200 Microns
  • Reads vacuum in 7 international units
  • Display updates every 1/2 second
  • Convenient built in hanger
  • Cleaning port provides quick cleaning and drying of sensor
Electronic Vacuum Gauge
10 Segment color coded LED readout provides fast response of vacuum measurements.

VG60   Electronic Vacuum Gauge

  • Pocket size-only 5 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"
  • Cleanable Sensor
  • Single Switch operation
  • Low Battery indication
  • Color coded LED Display
  • Built-in hanger
  • Soft case Included (MFDCASE)
Digital Pressure Gauge

The DPG500 Digital Pressure Gauge is an Extremely accurate, pressure gauge that operates on a standard 9 Volt
With its universal pressure sensor, it can measure presssure of a liquid, gas, steam and more.

DPG500 Digital Pressure Gauge -14 to 500PSI, 1/8" NPT
  • Universal Pressure Sensor (Liquid, Gas, Steam, etc…)
  • Range:-14 to 500 PSI
  • Large1/2"high LCD display
  • 9 Volt battery operation
  • Concealed battery compartment
  • Accessible Zero adjustment screw
  • Power Saving "ON-OFF" switch
  • Standard 1/8" N.P.T. brass male connection
DPG 100
DPG 1000

Digital Pressure Gauges
  • High Accuracy
  • Measurment Units PSI, Bar, Kg/cm , ATM
  • Easy To Use
  • Stainless Steel Sensor
  • No Welds or “O” Rings
  • 1/8 NPT Female Connection
  • Long Battery Life
  • 1 Hour Auto Off


  • HVAC Refrigerant Lines
  • Steam Pipes
  • Process Piping
  • Compressed Air Lines 
  • Specialty Gas Piping 2

The DPG100 and DPG1000 are digital pressure gauges featuring multiple units, selectable zero reference and automatic power off to conserve battery power. The stainless steel sensor can be used with any media, gas or liquid capatible with 17-4 stainless steel.

Digital Air Flow/Volume Meter 

Measure Air Flow (FPM) and Volume (CFM) in the
palm of your hand. Compact and easy to use, the
DAVM+ also measures Temperature, Humidity
and Light. Ideal for air balancing and other indoor
air quality applications.

Features / Benefits

  • Measures Feet per Minute (FPM) and Cubic Feet  per Minute (CFM)
  • Measures Temperature and Humidity
  • °F/°C Selectable
  • Standard K-Type Thermocouple Connector
  • Measures Light Levels (LUX)
  • Multi-Channel Display
  • Data Hold
  • One-Hand Operation
  • Carrying Case (SCASE) Included


  • Identify Air Flow Problems
  • Air Balancing
  • Air Quality
  • Measure Light Levels


Digital Psychrometer with Dew Point & Wet Bulb
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Dewpoint Temperature
  • Fast Response
  • Dual Display
  • Max Hold
  • Data Hold
  • No Twirling
  • No Reading Charts
  • No Water Necessary
The DSP1000 provides fast, accurate measurements for analysis of critical environmental conditions.The DSP1000 provides fast, accurate measurements for analysis of critical environmental conditions.
RPT61   PT Chart Master

For instant information, the PT Chart Master eliminates the need for traditional pressure/ temperature charts.  Accurate and easy to use,
the RPT61 provides pressure and temperature correlation
for 61 different refrigerants.

Features / Benefits

  • Choose Pressure in PSI, BAR or Mpa
  • Choose Temperature in °F or °C.
  • 61 Refrigerant Tables
  • Large LCD
  • Auto off (after 5 min.)
  • Pocket size
  • Battery Included Power: 3 V (CR2032)
  •  Soft carrying case included
  • 1 year Warranty

Pressure Units Range

  • PSI 5.1 to 462.5
  • BAR 0.35 to 31.88
  • MPa 0.035 to 3.188

Temperature Units

  • Fahrenheit -40°F to 155°F
  • Celsius -40°C to 68°C

For calculating Superheat or Sub-Cooling


Fin Comb Cleans and straightens fins for better operating efficieancy.

Fin Jack

Fin Jack straightens and seperates bent fins quickly and easily.

FPT 10       9  & 10 fins per inch.
FPT 13       11, 12  & 13 fins per inch.
FPT 15       14, 15  & 16 fins per inch.
FCR 6  

Handy Ring Fin Comb Set  six of the Fin Combs covering twelve different size fins on a convenient ring.

  • FC0810    8 and 10 fins per inch,  color : orange
  • FC0915    9 and 15 fins per inch,  color : yellow
  • FC1113   11 and 13 fins per inch,  color : blue
  • FC1214   12 and 14 fins per inch,  color : green
  • FC1617   16 and 17 fins per inch,  color : lime
  • FC1820   18 and 20 fins per inch,  color : purple 

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