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Gas Detection and Sensor product ranges:

MGS Range- Murco Gas Sensor

A fixed gas detector which can detect a wide range of different gases. The sensors can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated into Controls or Building Management Systems (BMS) using digital or analog outputs.  


MGD Range- Murco Gas Detectors


Consists of up to 6 remote gas sensors connected to a central controller. The controller provides audible, visual, and relay alarms. Available with 1 or 2 levels of alarm.


XWEB 500   Web Server Monitoring System

The Dixell XWEB 500  is a powerful monitoring, recording and alarm system offering 36 or up to 100 sensors.   It can be installed whether on DIN Rail or panel mounting, but also be used as desk instrumnet. Local or remote connection from PC is made without the need of special software, only standard web browser ( Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox®) software is need; the information is displayed as Web pages.

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Calibration gas mixtures
in non-refillable cylinders worldwide; these cylinders conform to the very latest international ISO standards.

Specialty Gases For
The shipping industry, mining industry, food packaging and agriculture, chemical and petrochemical industry, health and safety departments, laboratories, research and development, process control, environmental and pollution control, and more.

Calibration check gas for: Gas detection equipment, gas analysers, gas detectors, gas chromatographs, process control analysers, environmental monitors, medical gas analysers, clinical analysers, breath monitors, gas leak detection and smoke alarm testing.

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