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RefStore Night Blinds : for refrigerated display cases reduce energy expenses during the non-operational hours.


Patented True Aluminum Fabric
  • Anti-bacterial coating / No Mold Mildew or Discoloration
  • Custom colors & lengths (vertical and horizontal cases)
  • Easy Installation (one person)
  • Magnet mount capability
  • Attractive low profile aluminum case
  • Approved and recommended by major OEM’s
  • Qualifies for energy rebates
  • Savings of up to 41% when in use
  • Helps reduce food shrinkage

Fixed with magnets

Night Blinds come with strong magnets  that allow for installation to the case without screws.
Magnets attach to the bottom of the case as well when the blinds are extended.   


New style speed reducers

RefStore Night Blinds include a new style of speed reducer that prevents rapid roll up. Many night blinds rolling up without speed reducers can snap back, damaging or destroying the blind. 

Patented Fabric Features

RefStore blinds use a patented unique woven aluminum fabric. This fabric resists damage better than anything on the market today and increases the thermal protection benefits.  

Technical Patented Features

The fabric of the RefStore night blinds have an Anti-bacterial coating that resists bacteria and mold that can build up on the back of ordinary night blinds, requiring cleaning or shortening its useful life.

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