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Door Switch ( Reed  Switch )

In certain applications a door contact sensor or switch may be connected to the temperature control system to control the internal evaporator fan.

Especially in cooling cabinets, stand alone freezers etc. there is limited space to locate a door switch.

Reed sensors are extremely reliable and durable; the life expectancy of the average reed switch is a minimum of 9 million switches.

The dimensions of a reed switch assermbly are small and the units are easy to fit in every possible application. The main limitation of the reed switch is the maximum Amperage it can switch .

BR1018  Recessed Mounted Contacts for cabinets
  • Reed switch , Reed form NO ,
  • gap  19 mm   
  • cable  450 mm. 

BS 2021    Mini Stick-On contact with flange  for swing door, cabinets
  • Center leads
  • 18" leads
  • Adhesive and screw mount
  • Standard gap: 1 1/8" (25mm)
  • Switches or magnets are available separately
  • Available in open loop, closed loop and SPDT 

BS - 2061  Stick miniature surface mount for swing doors
  • Available in Open Loop or Closed Loop
  • Standard 18" Leads
  • Standard Gap 16 mm.
  • Closed loop 

  BS - 2072   Metal magnetic contacts for swing or sliding doors

  • Bracket included
  • Longer leads
  • Standard gap 65 mm.
  • Weather resistant aluminum housing
  connection diagram ...

 BSD 3011  Overhead  or sliding door contact

  • Universal magnet for flexibility in mounting
  • Cast aluminum casings for harsh environments
  • 18" armored cable
  • Longer cable lengths available on request
  • Standard Gap 3" for Closed loop
  • Standard Gap 2 1/2" for Open loop or SPDT
  • Optional L bracket
  • Closed loop, Open loop or SPDT
connection diagram ...



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