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Series Description Updated
Prime CX E-Class  Refrigeration controllers Prime CX  E - Class 12.08.2009
Prime CX  Refrigeration controllers Prime CX series 12.08.2009
Prime C series  Refrigeration controllers Prime C series 12.08.2009
Prime C E-Class  Refrigeration controllers Prime C  E - Class 12.08.2009
XR100 /500 series  Refrigeration controllers XR100 and XR500 series 12.08.2009
XR700/XW700 series  Refrigeration controllers XR700 / XW700 series 12.08.2009
Wing series  Refrigeration controllers WING series 12.08.2009
XR400 series  Dual display 12.08.2009
XC series  Compressor rack controllers 12.08.2009
XH series  Combined Temperature / Humidity Refrigeration Controllers 29.02.2012
XM series  Multiplexed Cabinet Refrigeration Controllers 29.02.2012
XB series  Blast chiller/ Blast freezer 12.08.2009
XT series  Time, temperature, humidity and pressure controllers 12.08.2009
XF series  Cooking oven controllers -
XWEB  Monitoring System 12.08.2009
XJA-XJP-XJR  Relay and acquisition modules 12.08.2009
XEV series  Electronic expansion valve drivers 01.05.2010
XDL  Data acquisition and recoding modules 08.02.2011
Cool Mate  Refrigerated Room & Temperataue/ Humidity Controllers 28.03.2011
iPro Series  Programmable Controllers 07.05.2011
iCHILL  Air Conditioning Controllers 08.02.2012

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